Achievements & Strategies w/Brian Franklin

EP 9: Ron Sexsmith - Singer songwriter lauded and covered by Elvis Costello, Rod Stewart, Nick Lowe, Feist, Emmy Lou Harris and more

Episode Summary

Ron Sexsmith's talents as a singer-songwriter have earned him praise from the likes of Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello—and his songs have been covered by Costello, Rod Stewart, Nick Lowe, Feist, Emmy Lou Harris, K.D. Lang, and Michael Bublé. He's been produced by Steve Earle, Mitchel Froom, Daniel Lenois, and Tchad Blake, collaborated with Chris Martin and Feist, and shared the stage with Ray Davies and Leonard Cohen. In this episode, we talk about his career, starting out in the days of the Lillith Fair, his journey through different producers, writing a book, his latest album Hermitage, life in a small town in Canada, touring with Elvis, and having breakfast with McCartney.